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This page lists Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project production codes, working titles, and the final name of the project associated with those codes and codenames.

It uses the new production code format (NW-TYPAAAXX) introduced in 2023 (that retroactively applies to all prior Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project projects, should they need to be referenced again), that is explained by the following:

  • NW: the legacy NeonWabbit Productions prefix
  • T: the type of production (A for Art and short-form animations, G for video Games, M for feature-length Movies and short films, P for software Packages and operating systems, S for Sound and music, and V for Videos and other Visual content which aren't any of the above)
  • YP: the last two digits of the Year the project first went into Production
  • AAA: three initials associated with the project, for example Nyah Has an Adventure's NHA
  • XX: a number that starts at 00 and increments with each individual created project that shares the same category (i.e. having every letter and number preceding this segment of the code be the same), which is not necessarily the order they are set to release, but the order the project files for them were created; e.g. the first and second episode of a series may use 01 and 03 respectively, if the second episode's project files were created after the episode that already uses the numbers 02

Additionally, an underscore followed by a string of lowercase letters and numbers may be appended onto the end of the production code to signify updated re-releases featuring small incremental changes, or alpha/beta/test versions of projects, that don't require a new production code to be assigned.

Art and animation projects

Production code Title
NW-A04SNR00 Surfman in the "NO" Race (comic)
NW-A12SNR00 Surfman in the "NO" Race (10th Anniversary Remake) (comic, cancelled)
NW-A17SNR01 Surfman in the "NO" Race (20th Anniversary Remake) (animation)
NW-A18NHA00 Nyah Has an Adventure (animated series)
NW-A18NHA01 Enter: Nyah ("Nyah Has an Adventure" episode S01E01)


Production code Title
NW-G17STS00 Studio RGB-Newt's Shipment (collectible card game)
NW-G19CPT00 Combat Practice 2 (video game)
NW-G19FNF00 Flye 'n' Frie (video game)
NW-G23FFB01 Flye 'n' Frie in... Amaze Game (video game)
NW-G23FFB02 Skybound Scales and Harpy Havoc‎ (video game)
NW-G23FFB03 Chronicles of Tails & Talons (video game)
NW-G23FFB04 Skybound Scales 2: Scalebound Skies (video game)
NW-G23FFB05 Flight Through the Firestorm (video game)
NW-G23FFB06 The Clash of Claws (video game)
NW-G23FFB07 Ex-Planet (video game)
NW-G23FFB08 Fabled Finalé (video game)
NW-G23FHI01 Super Skybound Scales (video game)
NW-G23FHI02 Ultra Scaled Skies 64 (video game)
NW-G23FHI03 Swimmin' 'n' Surfin' with the Dolphins (video game)
NW-G23FHI04 We Fly Free (video game)
NW-G23FHI05 (New!) We Fly Free for You (video game)
NW-G23FHI06 The Joyful Elemental (video game)
NW-G23FHA01 Flye 'n' Frie in... Black 'n' White (video game)
NW-G23FHA02 Virtually Monochromatic Flye 'n' Frie (video game)
NW-G23FHA03 Flye 'n' Frie in... Colour! (video game)
NW-G23FHA04 Aerial Advance (video game)
NW-G23FHA05 Dual Dragon Dimension (video game)
NW-G23FHA06 Fire Flight 3D (video game)
NW-G23FFR01 F.F.: The Harpy & Dragon (video game)
NW-G23FFR02 Drivin' Dragon (video game)
NW-G23FFR03 Harpy on the Home Computer (video game)
NW-G23FFR04 Planet Flye 'n' Frie (video game)
NW-G23FFR05 The 3000th Risk (video game)
NW-G23FFR06 Inside There Burns a Flame (video game)
NW-G23FFR07 The Emotional (video game)
NW-G23FFR08 60 Degrees (video game)
NW-G23FAE00 Fast 'n' Fest! (video game)
NW-G23FCC00 Flye 'n' Frie: Classic Collection (video game compilation)
NW-G23PLB00 Pepper Lily's Bunnyhop (video game)
NW-G23SHB00 Shave 'n' A Haircut, 1-Bit (video game)

Movies and short films

Production code Title
NW-M23LTN02 Go for Gold! (NSFW 18+ short film, sequel to Refill)

Software packages and OSes

Production code Title
NW-P23ROS00 Redgreen OS (Operating system, Linux distribution)

Sound and music projects

Production code Title
NW-S17FPR01 Put Down Your Pickaxe (single/EP)
NW-S23FPR01 The Thirst Tides (studio album)

Videos and other visual content

Production code Title
NW-V23ABP00 Argie Bee Plays (Let's Play series)