Aurora Australis

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Aurora Australis
NeonWabbit character
Gerald Symons carrying a pickaxe next to Aurora Australis, who has a hold of her crystal necklace.
Aurora Australis (right), next to Gerald Symons (left), as redesigned by Kappapeachie in 2020
Voiced by
In-universe information
SpeciesCrystal emu ghost creature
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   normal iris
  •   corrupted feathers
  •   feather tips
  •   shoes
  •   dress
  •   green crystal
  •   corrupted iris
  •   normal feathers
  •   green crystal glow
  •   beak
  •   gold
  •   sclera
  •   dress fluff
Hex codes #08b5b8   #150504   #22274b   #282c4f   #323b96   #366f03   #3a0e9d   #644032   #66cd0c   #dccfac   #fbd871   #fbfbfd   #fffbef 

Aurora Australis is an anthropomorphic crystal emu ghost creature character, created and owned by NeonWabbit. She is one half of the titular duo in The Aussie Goldmine, alongside Gerald Symons.

Since 2020, Aurora was redesigned by artist Kappapeachie, and this redesign has stuck since.

Concept and creation

Aurora Australis was created in 2017, as part of the original plans for The Aussie Goldmine, which was to be an animated series running alongside Nyah Has an Adventure. Her original outfit was a green khaki colour, and she initially wore an army nurse's hat.

The series would later be switched to a webcomic instead, and is now in a re-development phase of production to adapt it to this new format.

Fictional history

Aurora is a ghostly figure from the past, said to be of the emu species which, in-universe, has been extinct since the Emu War of the 1930s. Aurora re-appeared in the 2020s when Gerald Symons accidentally unleashed her from a magical crystal geode in the outback.

General information

As a spectral entity, she possesses abilities like hovering, phasing through objects, and performing various magical powers like shooting laser beams out of her eyes and hands through expending her crystal's lifeforce energy. Despite being a ghost, Aurora can interact with the physical world and its objects through sheer willpower.

A unique aspect of her new post-"death" existence is her dependency on the crystal geode which she was spawned from. She cannot move more than a few metres away from any of the crystals, and as such, carries a shard of it around on a necklace. She vanishes when the crystal geode and/or its shards are deprived of light (like if she has been walking down a dark alleyway with one for a while, or she has been stuffed into a closet while carrying one), and she only reappears once the crystals currently in use haev reabsorbed sufficient light energy from sunlight, moonlight, or replenished through lifeforce sharing, and/or romantic and sexual acts.

A dark energy also seems to be corrupting her left side, but this (so far) has not affected her personality, rather, only caused her pain by causing her to have random surges of power that causes a few inconviniences, like having to shoot energy out through a beam in a way that wouldn't hurt anyone, or cause her to seize up, stopping her from doing whatever she was doing.


  • Refill (2023), commissioned NSFW 18+ short film, animated by Toxis


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  • Though there is an actual southern lights phenomenon known as the "Aurora Australis", Aurora Australis' name was mainly inspired by the Bronies Australia mascot of the same name.



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