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Aurora on top of Gerald, both still clothed
Directed byToxis
Written byToxis
Based onThe Aussie Goldmine
by Studio RGB-Newt
Produced by
Edited byToxis
Animation byToxis
Layouts byToxis
Backgrounds byToxis
Color processDigital
Distributed byThe Fishal Project
Release date
  • November 8, 2023 (2023-11-08)
Running time
Budget$300 AUD

Refill is an NSFW 18+ animated short film based on NeonWabbit's The Aussie Goldmine franchise. It was commissioned by Studio RGB-Newt's Team Lewd the Newt, and was written, drawn, character rigged, animated, edited, composited, and sound designed by Toxis, who also did the background art, additional clothing design, and special FX work.

It stars Nami955 as Aurora Australis, and Shay-Ki AD as Gerald Symons, and uses new character rigs based on their post-2020 redesigns by artist Kappapeachie. The short film was released on November 8, 2023, in two parts on X, and in full on


Aurora Australis, running low on the energy provided by her green-and-gold crystal, prepositions Gerald Symons for sex as this is the only known way to recharge/refill its energy, and they go for three-or-so rounds.

The next morning, Gerald asks Aurora if this makes things weird between them, but Aurora replies that it's not weird, as he was only "helping out a friend", something their team (The Aussie Goldmine) is known for.




On September 13, 2023, NeonWabbit reached out to Toxis on X for a commission, with a list of canonical couples from his cast of characters. Toxis decided to go with the couple at the bottom of the list, the duo from The Aussie Goldmine.

Animation and design


A few days later, on September 16, Toxis put out a public casting call via X for people with Australian accents, later settling on Nami955 and Shay-Ki AD, who have appeared in similar NSFW productions, such as those by CanaryPrimary.



The short film was released on November 8, 2023.


Audience viewership

Post views on X reached an estimated 3000+, after 24 hours since the short film's release.

Critical response

24 hours since the short film's release, over 500 users had added it to their favourites on

See also

  • The Aussie Goldmine, the upcoming webcomic and media franchise that this short film is based on


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