Gerald Symons

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Gerald Symons
NeonWabbit character
Gerald Symons carrying a pickaxe next to Aurora Australis, who has a hold of her crystal necklace.
Gerald Symons (left), next to Aurora Australis (right), as redesigned by Kappapeachie in 2020
Voiced by
In-universe information
SpeciesKangaroo creature
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   iris
  •   belt
  •   pants
  •   hair
  •   shoes, vest
  •   coat
  •   metal vest buttons, belt buckle
  •   bowtie
  •   dark fur
  •   shirt
  •   inner ear, light fur
  •   sclera
Hex codes #356aa6   #3b3843   #47423f   #6b3d37   #784943   #aa9f9d   #b9b7b9   #c51800   #e5a288   #f9f8fb   #feeddb   #fefefe 

Gerald Symons is an anthropomorphic kangaroo creature character, created and owned by NeonWabbit. He is one half of the titular duo in The Aussie Goldmine, alongside Aurora Australis.

Since 2020, Gerald was redesigned by artist Kappapeachie, and this redesign has stuck since.

Concept and creation

Gerald Symons was created in 2017, as part of the original plans for The Aussie Goldmine, which was to be an animated series running alongside Nyah Has an Adventure. In his initial design, he wore a t-shirt displaying both a logo of the latter series and a headshot of Nyah herself, and was an avid collector of the show's merchandise, such as body pillows of the main female cast, hiding these items from Aurora, when she first comes into his residence.

The series would later be switched to a webcomic instead, and is now in a re-development phase of production to adapt it to this new format.

Fictional history

Gerald Symons was an eccentric hobbyist, drawn to the Australian outback in the 2000s by the allure of a new goldrush. Gerald's life took a fantastical turn in the 2020s when, in his quest for wealth, he accidentally shattered a crystal geode with his pickaxe, releasing the ghostly figure of Aurora Australis, one of the last emus to be "sealed away" during the Emu War of the 1930s, effectively wiping out the entire species.

Initially, to explain her appearance to others, Gerald referred to Aurora as his pet, but as their bond deepened and they embarked on various adventures together, he soon started addressing her as his partner. Together, they tackle a wide array of challenges, helping people out by solving mysteries, fighting crime, and resolving disputes.

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  • Refill (2023), commissioned NSFW 18+ short film, animated by Toxis


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