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"Nyah" / Nyahline
NeonWabbit character
Nyah reaching towards a light.
Nyah, as depicted by NeonWabbit in 2020
First appearance
Created byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Adapted byDarien Brice Dickinson
Designed byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Voiced byAlbinoCutie/RatRatMoreRats
In-universe information
  • Shapeshifting tadpole parasite
  • Aquabirb (physical appearance)
  • Human (host body in most canons)
OccupationSushi restaurant owner and chef
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   sclera, inner mouth, feet claws
  •   hair
  •   tank top
  •   tongue
  •   skin, lashes, inner arrow, teeth
Hex codes #080808   #1e1e1e   #363636   #7f7f7f   #f9f9f9 

Nyahline, known by her assigned creature shortcode Nyah, is a shapeshifting tadpole parasite character, using a human host body to disguise herself as an aquabirb creature of medieval legend, owned by NeonWabbit.

Nyah was created and designed by Jordyn-Rae Morrison (The-F0X), who gifted the character to NeonWabbit in September 2020.

Concept and creation

The character was first brought to NeonWabbit's attention in 2015 when he saw it drawn on a whiteboard wall at college. In a private Facebook post featuring a photo of this whiteboard drawing of Nyah in 2015, Morrison tagged a few of her high school friends stating "Guess who made it to the whiteboards at uni", implying that the character has been around a couple of years earlier than previously thought, however no online reference to the character has been seen prior to 2015.

The character was originally simply just called Nyah, as that was constantly shown to be all she could physically say, but NeonWabbit when first drawing his own version, added "-line" at the end of her name, which was inspired by names like Madeline and Eileen. These were considered as potential names for the character's human host body, who would later be given the name Samantha instead, a reference to a childhood friend of NeonWabbit's.

Fictional history

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