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Nyah Has an Adventure
Season 1
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The first season of the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure has yet to air its 26 episodes. The season is split into two parts of 13 episodes each. The title and synopsis of each episode can be found below.




Nyah Has an Adventure season 1 episodes
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Part 1
11"Enter: Nyah"Darien Brice DickinsonDarien Brice DickinsonTBANW-A18NHA01TBD
Nyah tries to find a place to call home.
22"Life of an Aquabirb"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA02TBD
Years later, Nyah has settled into society, but still remains cautious as the anti-parasite sentiment ramps up.
33"Video Killed the Radio Nyah"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA03TBD
Nyah and friends try to find out why the final game in a popular trilogy has been cancelled.
44"The Wolf Who Cried Nyah"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA14TBD
Cago, a wolf creature, pretends to be Nyah and causes havoc in her name.
55"The One Where Something Happens"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA04TBD
Nyah and friends visit the local fairgrounds, but they aren't as fair as the name would have you believe.
66"Fame and Misfortune Cookies"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA15TBD
A fortune cookie company start a viral video challenge where the aim is to open all misfortune cookies in a box and get through an entire day without frowning. The twist is that somehow the misfortunes actually happen! Nyah is put up to the task due to her usual happy-go-lucky nature.
77"Arph Under the Arches"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA05TBD
Arph gets convinced that there is buried treasure under some mysterious arches in the desert.
88"Metro Material"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA16TBD
A new stretchable fabric that causes things to look sleek and modern and improves their technological capibilities may have something shady going on.
99"Sunrise Surprise"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA06TBD
The sun refuses to set, ruining nighttime for everybody. Nyah and friends put it upon themselves to figure out why and bring moonlight back.
1010"Episode 10"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA17TBD
Double your digits.
1111"Lone's Lucky Day"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA07TBD
Lone wins the lottery, but this lottery has a condition that you must use up all the money on the day you win or be forced to sell everything you bought that day.
1212"The Twelve Days of Nyah Gifts"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA18TBD
On the first day of Nyah Gifts, an aquabirb gave to me, an episode that's holiday-themed.
1313"Practical Nyah Theory"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA08TBD
Everyone is suddenly obsessed with finding out more about Nyah. A prize pool is also offered to whoever can find the answer to what she really is, leading to some crazy theories and crazy people intruding on her privacy.
Part 2
1414"Weather or Not, Here Rain Comes"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA19TBD
It's that time of the year again.
1515"Skye's Nine Lives"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA09TBD
Skye has some near-death experiences, and begins to wonder if the rumours that her species has nine lives is true.
Nyah gets a mysterious vision about something that happened many years ago that leads her back to her original rainforest home.
1717"Attack of the Spooky Nyah - In Colour!"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA10TBD
Nyah accidentally clones herself, but the clones have defects - making some of them ghosts, zombies and other spooky things.
A long, lost "cousin" of Lone crashes into Arph and Skye's house, with news that Lone has gone missing.
1919"Strang-ah Dang-ah"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA11TBD
A stranger wakes up in Nyah's house. Meanwhile, Lone is still missing from the last episode.
Lone confronts his long, lost "cousin". An electrical battle ensues!
2121"Join the Nyahrmy"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA12TBD
Cago tries to rally people up against Nyah by forming a secret society. However, mostly everyone sees it as a creepy fan club obsessed with Nyah, much to his dismay.
2222"Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Four Creatures in a Tub"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA23TBD
The entire world floods due to global warming.
Nyah doesn't return from a pocket universe.
Lock the doors.
2525"Witty Episode Title"TBATBATBANW-A18NHA25TBD
Let's get W.E.T.! Nyah and friends visit a private beach resort. Fanservice abounds.
Human after all.

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