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Nyah Has an Abridged Series is an animated parody webseries, created by NeonWabbit and produced/distributed by Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project.

The series is based on episodes from the main series Nyah Has an Adventure, but with a shorter runtime, chibi-fied versions of the main cast, and more adult humour. It is to be followed by Nyah: An Abridged Short, which serves as a parody to Nyah Has a Movie, and is the abridged series' conclusion.

Episodes of Nyah Has an Abridged Series have yet to air.

List of episodes

Nyah Has an Abridged Series episodes
No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release dateProd.
Online viewers
Part 1
1"Here Comes Dat Nyah"Darien Brice DickinsonDarien Brice DickinsonTBANW-A18NAS01TBD
3"The Half-Life 3 Episode"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS03TBD
4"The Wolf Who Cried Like a Pussy"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS14TBD
5"Something Happens but It's Not That Great"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS04TBD
6"Misfortune Cookies and Cream Ice Cream"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS15TBD
7"Arph Over the Arches"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS05TBD
8"How to Count from 95 to 11"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS16TBD
9"Moonlight Tonight"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS06TBD
11"Lone's Feed and Seed"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS07TBD
12"And a Parasite in a Pear Tree"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS18TBD
13"PSA: Nyah Isn't Real, You Fucking Furries"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS08TBD
Part 2
14"When They Kiss Faster Than This Spoiler"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS19TBD
15"Skye Hates Mondays and Loves Lasagna"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS09TBD
17"The Spooky Nyah Variety Half-Hour Jumpscare Show (Lost Media)"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS10TBD
18"Hand Holding (It's the Lewdest Thing)"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS21TBD
20"Debit Card Declined"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS22TBD
21"ymrhayN eht nioJ"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS12TBD
22"Four Creatures Showering Together (One Drops the Soap)"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS23TBD
23"Yes, You’re Supposed to Know What AWOL Means"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS13TBD
24"Problem Solved"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS24TBD
25"Funny Ultra Combo Kick! Yaa! Ooh! Uwa!"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS25TBD
26"Based on a True Story, Like Fargo"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS26TBD
Part 3
27"26 More Episodes of This Actual Garbage"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS27TBD
28"The Gang Look Up Nyah Rule 34"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS40TBD
29"Outdated 1337speak"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS28TBD
31"The Thing That Was Too Good to See, Yet You're Seeing It Right Now"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS29TBD
32"Chrono Triggered"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS42TBD
33"Nyah Has an Adventure in Prison"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS30TBD
34"Arph in the Skye with Diamonds"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS43TBD
35"Mira & Fret's World War"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS31TBD
36"Arph Has an Abridged Series"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS44TBD
37"Nya, Like a Cat"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS32TBD
38"Just Stop Being Depressed, It's As Shrimple As That"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS45TBD
Part 4
40"Nothing Else Matt-ahs"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS34TBD
43"Zeeky Boogy Dog"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS47TBD
44"Load the Prune"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS36TBD
45"Claims to Be Pro-Life, Dies Anyway"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS48TBD
46"Stock Android, Without Root"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS37TBD
47"The Aussie Goldmine x Nyah Crossover Episode"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS49TBD
48"Sir Welcome's Cheap Antonyms for Episode Titles"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS38TBD
49"Nyah Has an Adventure Funny Moments Compilation"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS50TBD
50"Ignorance Is a Grassy Vineyard Hill"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS51TBD
51"Ignorance, Abridged"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS52TBD
52"Incoming Oscar Bait"TBATBATBANW-A18NAS39TBD

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