Skye Aries

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Skye Aries
NeonWabbit character
Skye Aries with her cybernetic tentacles out.
Skye, as depicted by NeonWabbit, circa 2017
First appearance
Created byDarien Brice Dickinson
Designed byDarien Brice Dickinson
Voiced byS3b1/dissa (2019,
pilot episode version 1 only)
In-universe information
SpeciesAustralian Mist cat creature, cyborg
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   eyelashes
  •   skirt darker stripes
  •   screen eyes
  •   nose
  •   black suit, skirt stripes, shoes
  •   eye keyholes (through hair)
  •   ears, tail
  •   screen eyes (through hair)
  •   hair
  •   darker tentacles
  •   dark red suit, skirt, tentacles
  •   light red suit
  •   cheeks
  •   inner ears, fur, prosthetics
  •   glasses lens (w/ transparency)
  •   eye keyholes, gloves
Hex codes #071010   #080000   #080808   #0a0a0a   #101010   #125577   #125c73   #13222a   #1a3e52   #320c07   #400700   #641422   #934b93   #b6d2dc   #ebebeb   #f4f4f4 

Skye Aries, known by her assigned creature shortcode Skye, is an Australian Mist cat creature character with cyborg prosethetics, created, designed, and owned by NeonWabbit.

Skye's design is used as the mascot to represent The Fishal Project's SkyeKattr0n bot, first programmed in 2010 to provide chat logging and fun and useful commands for IRC channels (i.e. !weather), and now used for handling automated tasks on services such as Discord, Twitch, and this wiki itself.

She originally sported a red fur colour scheme, but this was changed to blue ever since her appearance in Nyah Has an Adventure, as Arphedan took up the red colour slot in the RGB aesthetic.

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