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Argie Bee Plays is a Let's Play series featuring a kangaroo dragon who is being forced to play video games against his will in order to earn his freedom from Castle Argie Bee whose bee residents have locked him inside their walls until he completes 1000 episodes of the show.

"Season 1: The Best of the 1980s"

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Flye 'n' Frie: Retro Remains Series (Homebrew for other retro platforms)

Other projects

Combat Practice 2
Video game (fighting)
Flye 'n' Frie: Classic Collection
Video game compilation
Nyah Has an Adventure
Animated series (drama/sitcom)
The Aussie Goldmine
Webcomic (modern science-fantasy dramedy)
The Thirst Tides
Studio album (multiple genres)
Tilt, Talk, 'n' Tap
Mobile game, Android (action/party)


Production Code matrix, a list of our projects, sortable by production code.
Surfman in the "NO" Race, a stick figure comic from 2004 (our first ever production), and its upcoming "20th Anniversary" animated remake.


Characters and species

Category:Characters, a list of our characters.
Frosteyls, Gravepines, and Styvers - generic fauna creatures found in some of our fictional universes, who usually become minions for bad guys.
Mink-mink harpies, a semi-closed species we own. One of our flagship characters, Frie, is one of these.

Concepts and locations

Lifeforce, a page on the metaphysical substance and energy source that provides vitality to most characters in some of our fictional universes.

People and groups

Neon and the Argie Bees, our in-house virtual band, who make the soundtracks to our productions and other original albums.
NeonWabbit, the founder of Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project.
The-F0X, an Australian artist and friend who has designed some of NeonWabbit's main characters.