Neon Mascot

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Neon Mascot
NeonWabbit character
A headshot of Neon Mascot in their old clothes.
Mascot, as depicted by CanisAries in 2018
In-universe information
SpeciesEuropean rabbit creature
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   boots
  •   outer coat, coat tails
  •   tie
  •   blue glove
  •   pants
  •   brand blue
  •   collar, newt tie decoration
  •   vest
  •   inner coat
  •   beard, whiskers
  •   red glove
  •   inner mouth
  •   hair
  •   iris
  •   outer shirt left-half
  •   dark inner ear
  •   brand green
  •   tongue
  •   outer shirt right-half
  •   light inner ear
  •   gold
  •   inner shirt left-half
  •   fur
  •   vest buttons, sleeve ends
  •   tail
  •   brand red
  •   inner shirt right half
  •   ear tuft, sclera, napkins, teeth, spikes
Hex codes #111111   #113311   #113344   #224422   #2288ee   #271537   #334433   #335533   #546532   #662222   #663032   #6b873d   #77d3fd   #77ddaa   #828456   #88ff88   #8e4646   #aacc77   #bac67d   #bb9977   #bbffdd   #c7e79c   #cccccc   #ccee99   #ea4444   #eeeecc   #f2f2f2 

Neon Mascot (or simply just Mascot) is a European rabbit creature character, created, designed, and owned by NeonWabbit, originally as an alien cat mask parasite who attached itself to Beachboy in NeonWabbit's first major production, a comic titled Surfman (of which only the first story in the series, titled Surfman in the "NO" Race, survives). As the art style evolved over the years, the ears became longer, and it was decided to change them from a cat into a rabbit.

The character also inspired NeonWabbit's current online username, replacing the Fishal username first used in 2006 on Disney's Club Penguin, and the EliqueStudios name first used circa 2008.

They are the longest surviving character still in use by NeonWabbit, and are thus featured in logo ident cards for Studio RGB-Newt and other places where there needs to be a stand-in to represent NeonWabbit, but they are not considered his fursona.

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