Neon and the Argie Bees

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Neon and the Argie Bees
Also known as
  • Mascot + A Redgreen Band
  • The Argie Bees
  • mRGB / RGBS
OriginSydney, NSW, Australia
  • Alternative
  • Experimental
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Soundtrack
DiscographyNeon and the Argie Bees discography
Years active2011 (2011)–present
LabelsFishal Project Records
SpinoffsMira & Fret
MembersVirtual: Actual:
Darien Brice Dickinson

Neon and the Argie Bees are an Australian virtual band, founded in 2011 by Darien Brice Dickinson, as the music outfit of Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project, to produce soundtracks and other original studio albums for their productions. They are managed by The Fishal Project's independent record label, Fishal Project Records.

Comprised of NeonWabbit characters, spearheaded by Neon Mascot and other rotating members in multicoloured bee costumes, such as Flye 'n' Frie, and Nyah (who also appears in Argie Bees spinoff band Mira & Fret as the second guitarist), they experiment in a wide variety of genres, including Experimental, Heavy Metal, and Pop Rock.


Creation and early years (2011–2015)

A early version of the band, Neon and the Wabbits, was created in 2011 to be listed as the artist name for a few joke tracks created for the Know Your Meme community, one of which was titled and stylized as "Bold Lettering (Before the Brackets)".

During these years, they also composed the theme songs "Really Neat!" and "Accordio Nyah" for both The Fishal Project and Studio RGB-Newt's ident cards/ending logos as used in animations, games, and video productions.

Hiatus (2016–2017)

The band is said to have been on hiatus a few years after their founding, as NeonWabbit focused on college, however, they did make a couple of tracks and covers as background music for his student films, including Breath (2015) and Parramajestique (2015).

Return and "Put Down Your Pickaxe" (2018–2019)

A song was required for use as the credits theme of The Aussie Goldmine's original animated series pitch pilot, resulting in the creation of two demo versions of "Put Down Your Pickaxe". As a test to see the process of uploading to music streaming services, the two demos were bundled together in November 2023, and distributed via Distrokid, with self-published Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Newgrounds versions of the single released shortly after.

Second hiatus (2020–2022)

As no Studio RGB-Newt productions required an original soundtrack during the start of the 2020s, the band is said to have taken a second hiatus during these years.

The Thirst Tides and The Thirst B-Sides (2023–present)

Efforts to create an original album of songs not associated with any Studio RGB-Newt production resumed in 2023, after earlier attempts since the band's founding. This resulted in the decision to produce a 15-track album titled The Thirst Tides, with each song having a different genre. The theme of water was decided upon for this debut album as NeonWabbit's first ever project, Surfman in the "NO" Race, also focused on water.

Out of the 15 tracks, 8 were decided to be turned into singles, with each single having a separate new song as a B-side. These B-sides are to be compiled in an EP titled The Thirst B-Sides. The remaining tracks from the main album will also technically be released as singles, but with remixes of themselves serving as their B-sides, not entirely new songs.

All tracks from these projects, sans the album's outro track "What's in the Bottle?", will have their own music video or lyric video.

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