A Thirst Quenched

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"A Thirst Quenched"
Song by Neon and the Argie Bees
from the EP The Thirst B-Sides
StudioStudio RGB-Newt
GenreElectro Swing
LabelFishal Project Records
Composer(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Producer(s)The Fishal Project
The Thirst B-Sides track listing

"A Thirst Quenched" is an Electro Swing song by the Australian virtual band Neon and the Argie Bees, which is the final, and bonus track on the upcoming compilation album/EP The Thirst B-Sides.

It serves as a bookend for the "Thirst" era of Neon and the Argie Bees' music, and features reprisals of some of the lyrics and music from the songs in said era.




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Track listing

Music composed and arranged by Darien Brice Dickinson.

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1."A Thirst Quenched"Genre: Electro SwingTBA
2."A Thirst Quenched" (Trap remix)Genre: TrapTBA
3."A Thirst Quenched" (Instrumental)Genre: Electro SwingTBA


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Worldwide TBA Fishal Project Records Digital download TBA


If you wanna quench your thirst
First, shake loose,
then come gulp down a glass of this juice!

If you wanna quench your thirst
Ya gonna want a cup of water
Wat-er you waiting for?
The show to be over?

So it's now time to end all this drinking
Gotta put a stop to your glass cup clinking
Now it's time for a big reprise, I'm thinking
Bring up the old lyrics, let's sink in!

Endless, endless, endless blue
in every shade, in every hue,
In a bottle, he really set it free,
He cast it out, adrift at sea

So come along with me,  
Across land, sky, it's free!
Don't you see,
the goal's "get chip!" today?

Please just let it go,
and be carried with ease
When you flow,
with the gentle seabreeze

Their crystal prism of bright light
Refracted through the waves tonight
To a portal of high depths unseen
Farewell the grey inbetween

And she crossed the enemy line
Put down your shield
And she joined your forces
It's time to yield

To the pieces of eight, me pieces of eight!
We found them intact, oh what fate!
Could this be it? Could this be it?
I think it is... escape the pit!

Of the endless ocean, waves of blue,
The first tides are a-coming through,
So we skip the stones across the water
The neon rain fell as we drift ashore, aha!

What was in the bottle?
It was a note?
And it said...?

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