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NeonWabbit character
Frie with one foot on the ground, showing off all four of her wing arms.
Frie in a non-chibi style,
as depicted by LuckyCessy in 2021
Created byNeonWabbit
Based onthe mink-mink harpy species
by SilveroGhost
(now owned by NeonWabbit)
In-universe information
SpeciesMink-mink harpy humanoid (classic tabby cat pattern)
  • Melee (fists, feet, claws, wings, tail)
  • Bursts of air (via wings)
Significant otherFlye
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   claws
  •   neon blue hair streak
  •   hair, tail tip, tail spikes
  •   green scout uniform
  •   fur stripes
  •   scout uniform buttons
  •   pupil
  •   neon green hair streak
  •   fur
  •   inner mouth
  •   tan scout uniform
  •   iris
  •   neon red hair streak
  •   sclera, inner ear/antennae, teeth
  •   tongue, feet pawpads
  •   skin
Hex codes #121110   #2684dd   #2f2d2a   #334a24   #382f23   #4b3e40   #5c1f26   #82ec86   #8a775d   #a12724   #ab9864   #cc4554   #dc4646   #f2ecf1   #fe8783   #fec9a5 

Frie is a humanoid classic tabby cat-patterned mink-mink harpy character, created by an artist who went under the alias SilveroGhost. Frie was designed by NeonWabbit after he won their contest to make fanart of the OG mink-mink harpy character Koit. One of the prizes of the contest allowed for contest winners to create their own original mink-mink harpy, and the idea of Frie spawned from that.

Frie is one of the flagship Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project mascot characters, and she, along with fellow mascot character / her canon boyfriend Flye, are both set to appear in a series of video games, in the aptly named Flye 'n' Frie franchise.

She is initially depicted as a homeless, "has-been" girl scout rejected from the army, who in most canons, is accidentally once tripped over on the streets by Flye who was in a rush on the way to his office job. He offers a quick apology and a "surprise" to make up for it soon, and after weeks of striking up a conversation with her each time he passes by to get to know her better, he soon invites her to come live with him. The two bond over their love of adventure and things that fly, and deeply love each other very much.

In September 2022, NeonWabbit purchased the rights to the mink-mink harpy species for $60.

Concept and creation

Frie in her beta design
Frie's beta design in concept art by NeonWabbit

In 2019, an artist mostly known as SilveroGhost hosted a contest on Discord where entrants were tasked with making fanart of their existing mink-mink harpies, such as Koit. NeonWabbit made a static 3D sculpt of Koit in Blender[1], winning the contest (alongside other winners), and earning the chance to create an original character in SilveroGhost's mink-mink harpy closed species.

As the mink-mink harpies require a real life cat, bird, or lemur species in the mix for colour palette inspiration on the fur and wings, Frie's initial design was based on Australian species such as the rainbow lorikeet and the Australian Mist cat, to represent NeonWabbit's country of birth and as a way to incorporate red, green, blue, and black colours for Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project brand recognition.

This would not last long however, as in February 2020, for her first animated appearance in since-privated animation meme collab "Swing It!"[2], she was given a more muted brown and black colour palette, and stripes instead of spots. This new design has stuck since. The red, green, and blue streaks in her hair however, still remain as a throwback to the first beta design.

In early September 2022, NeonWabbit purchased the rights to the mink-mink harpy species to allow for edits to the species as a whole, start on the creation of additional mink-mink harpies for Frie's backstory, and other such things, like the allowance for Frie to have hybrid dragon-harpy children with Flye, all of which were previously disallowed when the closed species was under its previous ownership.

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