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84NZ33 / Banzee
NeonWabbit character
Banzee with a crazed mouth expression with both back arms raised in the air.
Banzee, using the virus cat closed species base art by SMASH-ii, as drawn in 2013. Colours by RoyalMutt.
Based onvirus cat closed species
by SMASH-ii
Adapted byNeonWabbit (additional lore)
Designed by
  • SMASH-ii (initial lore, base lineart)
  • RoyalMutt (colours, additional design)
In-universe information
Full name84NZ33
SpeciesVirus cat creature
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   blood cells
  •   tongue
  •   claws
  •   dark fur
  •   sclera
  •   inner ear
  •   pawpads
  •   main fur
  •   blood vessels
  •   inner mouth
  •   light fur
  •   collar
  •   iris, pupils
  •   teeth
Hex codes #00e9f4   #01c8ff   #01d3f4   #141b24   #242424   #293442   #2d2a2b   #627793   #6fb5f0   #ba616a   #bed3f0   #c0c0c0   #d40322   #fdfdfd 

84NZ33 (known by their nickname Banzee) is a character in the virus cat closed species designed by SMASH-ii, with colours chosen by RoyalMutt, that is owned by NeonWabbit (who purchased the character from KitsuGalaxy in 2021 for $4 USD).

The character came with the name Banzee, but upon checking the species sheet for SMASH-ii's virus cats, a stipulation was listed that all of their names start with numbers, leading to the final leetspeak name of 84NZ33.

Concept and creation

Fictional history

Banzee is a virus cat who worked at the facility which created the Dummies. Some (like Dummy-A) began to feed off his unstable nature, leading to their glitchy behaviour.

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