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NeonWabbit character
Ink curled up in the shape of the letter U due to his long length.
Ink, as depicted by The-F0X in 2014
Created byThe-F0X
In-universe information
SpeciesAlien galaxy lifeforce
Giant horned mink (physically)
Significant otherBiscuit
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   claws
  •   pawpads
  •   pupil
  •   lower legs
  •   nose
  •   fur
  •   cheek fur tufts
  •   blue star glow
  •   iris
  •   whisker spots
  •   green star glow
  •   purple star glow
  •   ribbons
  •   bells
  •   sclera
  •   red star glow
  •   yellow star glow
  •   face
  •   horns
Hex codes #010202   #0c0c0d   #171c09   #18171c   #181b2b   #313f65   #6691ea   #94e3f1   #95ba37   #989898   #a5f194   #ab94f1   #c30203   #ce9530   #cee39a   #f19494   #f1ec94   #f5f5f5   #fefefd 

Ink is an alien galaxy lifeforce character in the physical body of a mink, owned by NeonWabbit and created and designed by The-F0X, originally as a mink pelt doll. The doll and its associated character design were both purchased by NeonWabbit in 2019 for $50.

Ink is one of the flagship Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project mascot characters, and is depicted as a being who was born of pure celestial cosmos stardust energy in a galaxy which collapsed in on itself as it began to die. The resulting lifeforce gas that manifested from this event became sentient and quickly travelled to Earth and to contain itself within the nearest physical host body it could find, that of a curious brown-furred male mink, inadvertently destroying most of the brain cells in the original mind of the mink (as newly-formed sentient lifeforce gas doesn't know any better), growing the body in size (and simultaneously horns out the top of their head), and replacing its brown fur with that of its own furry strands of remaining cosmos energy, before their lifeforce could fizzle out and die completely.

Some of the remaining brain cells of the original mink still sometimes shines through in moments of feral, instinctual animal habits coming to play if he gets too excited, but it is the galaxy lifeforce which has always mostly retained control over the physical body ever since the merge, technically making Ink an alien parasite.

In most canons, Ink is usually found dressing smart, and working in a position of upper management. The first being to discover him on Earth, and later his significant other, is the fox Biscuit, a scientist who lives in a cabin in the woods with an attached laboratory. She came upon him shortly after his arrival on Earth and taught him the ways of life.

Concept and creation

Behind the scenes of the making of Ink's mink pelt doll
A look at the process of making Ink's mink pelt doll
Various views of Ink's mink pelt doll
Various views of the finished mink pelt doll of Ink by The-F0X
Ink's mink pelt doll faded back to its original brown fur colour
Ink's mink pelt doll, as of 2018; the dark blue dye has faded out of the fur with time

Fictional history

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