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NeonWabbit character
The wingless dragon Flye balances on his tail, a firefly named Flitta hovers nearby.
Flye in his feral form, with his pet firefly Flitta,
as depicted by The-F0X in 2014
Created by
Adapted byNeonWabbit
In-universe information
SpeciesWingless kangaroo furred dragon
OccupationI.T. office worker, Graphic designer
  • Melee (fists, feet, claws, tail)
  • Magic (fireballs, other projectiles)
Significant otherFrie
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   hair, dark blue fur stripes
  •   pupil
  •   main brown fur
  •   light brown fur
  •   dark blue tail
  •   main blue tail
  •   lighter brown fur
  •   light blue tail
  •   inner ear, whisker tips, markings
  •   scars, pawpads
  •   thumbs
  •   tail tip
  •   sclera
  •   iris
Hex codes #1d1a2d   #261d07   #413440   #544552   #5591d2   #65a9e2   #77676d   #80cbf1   #87b2de   #946655   #aea4af   #b0eefd   #fbfbfa   #ffc84b 

Flye is a character designed by artist Hioshiru, who traded the character to fellow artist The-F0X in 2013. The-F0X later sold the character in 2014 to another artist named SkreeDecree (later known as Hamsterly), and NeonWabbit purchased the character from this person in 2019 before they deactivated their DeviantArt account.

Flye is now one of the flagship Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project mascot characters, and he, along with fellow mascot character / his canon girlfriend Frie, are both set to appear in a franchise of video games, starting with the aptly named Flye 'n' Frie.

Mostly depicted as a furred wingless dragon who usually has a high-end office job in an I.T. department, but has been living alone since the end of his high school years, he meets an initially homeless Frie laying in the streets on the way to work, and he invites her to come live with him. The two instantly connect over their love of adventure and things that fly, and deeply love each other very much.

Flye also has a humanoid form, which is used for his appearance in the animated series Nyah Has an Adventure, among other things. In Nyah, Flye is a mad scientist working on giving his pet firefly Flitta a humanoid form, so that she can live a longer life and enjoy things that insects usually can't.

Concept and creation

In March 2013, The-F0X was "lucky enough" to participate in a character design trade on DeviantArt with Hioshiru, receiving Flye's design in exchange for another character of similar design[1]. She soon produced a reference sheet for him[2], making note of his whiskers, pet firefly, and love of climbing trees. These concepts would be expanded upon later by NeonWabbit, who made him a dragon because of the whiskers, named the firefly Flitta, and evolved his love of climbing trees into a further love of adventure.

The-F0X would include Flye in three more art pieces, before making a final one in May 2014 titled "Goodbye Flye"[3] to announce the sale to SkreeDecree. Five years later, NeonWabbit contacted SkreeDecree, now named Hamsterly, to purchase the character from them for $90.50 USD, the sale going through some months before Hamsterly deactivated their DeviantArt account.

Fictional history

Flye 'n' Frie franchise canon

Flye was born to a kangaroo mother and dragon father in 1992.

General information

Flye is an adventurous person, who can be found climbing trees, mountains, and more. Despite being a wingless dragon, Flye is interested in all things that take flight, ranging from winged insects, to feathered avian creatures, and to mechanical contraptions like helicopters, jetpacks, and planes. Even with all the interest in outdoor activities, he also has a fondness for technology and creative endeavours, and is usually hired in the tech sector as a system administrator or graphic designer.








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