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Hibiscus / Biscuit
NeonWabbit character
Biscuit leaping to the left.
Biscuit, as depicted by The-F0X in 2013
Created byThe-F0X
In-universe information
Full nameHibiscus
SpeciesDove-winged fox
Significant otherInk
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   claws
  •   pupil
  •   iris
  •   scarf, accessory feathers
  •   dark hair
  •   dark green hibiscus
  •   light hair
  •   dark pink hibiscus
  •   ears, legs, tail
  •   light green hibiscus
  •   main orange fur
  •   dark orange fur
  •   light pink hibiscus
  •   inner ears
  •   flower buds, feather tips
  •   white fur, nose, sclera, wings
Hex codes #151515   #1c3947   #6aa7e6   #786549   #8c5965   #93b0a9   #a86365   #ae93b0   #c13b59   #c4e8e0   #e1ab88   #e78676   #e7c4e8   #f58b76   #fbf8f8   #fdfcfe 

Hibiscus, known by her nickname Biscuit, is a dove-winged fox character created and designed by artist The-F0X, for the purposes of a Creature Exchange on DeviantArt with an artist known as muxloe. The character later ended up in the possession of artist Sylvena, and it was this person who the character was purchased from by NeonWabbit for $20 in 2020.

Biscuit is one of the flagship Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project mascot characters, and is depicted as a scientist living by herself in a cabin in the woods that has an attached laboratory. She studies both flora and fauna, and regularly takes research trips outside, where she stumbled upon Ink just as he arrived on Earth and finished merging his lifeforce with that of an Earth mink. After managing to communicate with him, she later invited him into her home and taught him the ways of life.

Concept and creation

The original Toyhouse listing for Biscuit came with the name "Hibiscus", possibly as a reference to the flower in her hair. This led to NeonWabbit giving her the similar-sounding nickname Biscuit, as it was a more catchy name. Later it was discovered that Biscuit had the name "Ritz" at some point, under their previous ownership with muxloe, and coincidentally, Ritz happens to be a brand of biscuit cracker.

Fictional history

General information

Biscuit is a very trusting individual who travels the world, and wants to make friends with people in secluded places who have little or none. At her home cabin in the woods, with its attached laboratory, she is also a independent researcher and scientist of flora and fauna, licensing her findings out to government agencies and other interested parties. Quite a while after she found Ink in a crater in the ground, they soon became romantic partners who thoroughly enjoy each other's company.








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