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NeonWabbit character
Ally the moth dragon leaping forward.
Ally, as depicted by The-F0X in 2011
Created byThe-F0X
Based onMoth dragon lore
by RaccoonRae
Adapted byNeonWabbit
Designed byThe-F0X
In-universe information
SpeciesPolyphemus moth dragon
OriginLepi, Drakia in the Isles of Topaktan
Colour palette
by Hex
  •   claws
  •   wing/fur/scale blacks
  •   wing dark greys
  •   wing light greys
  •   fur/feathers dark blues
  •   iris
  •   wing dark browns
  •   nose, horns
  •   tail/fur dark browns
  •   wing medium browns
  •   wing light browns
  •   wing/tail silvers
  •   tail/fur light blues
  •   pawpads, wing oranges
  •   tail medium browns, fur light browns
  •   sparkles
  •   tail/fur oranges
  •   fur/feathers whites, inner ears
  •   sclera
  •   antennae tips
  •   tail light browns, fur yellows
Hex codes #050505   #0a0a0a   #313131   #3b3c3c   #40b0ff   #4ad986   #4b310f   #613706   #633e0d   #90724c   #b7ac85   #b8b8b8   #b8f2fe   #bb7a00   #c89e69   #d2faff   #df9900   #e3e1e0   #f0f4d1   #ffe546   #fff4bc 

Ally is a Polyphemus moth dragon character, owned by NeonWabbit, created and designed by The-F0X.

NeonWabbit purchased the character from artist RaccoonRae, renaming the character to a name similar to the one they came with, and expanded upon the moth dragon lore also included with their Toyhouse listing.

Concept and creation

Fictional history

Hailing from the moth dragon home of Lepi, a state in the Isles of Topaktan nation of Drakia, Ally comes from deep within the heart of its Mushroom Forest. Moth dragons live harmoniously with nature, due to their delicate shimmering fur, which is easily dislodged when brushed against, leaving a trail in their wake. Ally and her kin play a vital role in the ecosystem. Their primary source of nourishment being the sweet nectar of flowers, meaning that as they feed, they inadvertently help pollinate the flora, ensuring continued growth and prosperity.

As Ally grew herself, she became increasingly curious about the islands beyond Drakia. She would often soar to the highest branches of towering ancient trees, gazing wistfully at the distant horizon, dreaming of the adventures that awaited her. One day at a library, she learnt of an ancient plant called the Bloomin' Lumen, which was said to have the power to amplify the lifeforce of all light magic-focused creatures, including moths, and therefore moth dragons.

Upon successfully completing a long and perilous quest to seek a Bloomin' Lumen, she consumed its fruit, growing four times the size of a regular moth dragon. Her legend spread far and wide, inspiring countless generations of light magic creatures. With each new adventure, Ally's wings grew stronger, her heart braver, and her spirit more radiant. She became a beacon of light for the many draconic beings that dwelled within Drakia, forever illuminating the path to a brighter future.

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