2... 2!

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2... 2!
Studio album by
StudioStudio RGB-Newt
LabelFishal Project Records
ProducerThe Fishal Project
Neon and the Argie Bees album chronology
The Thirst Tides
2... 2!
Farewell Stairwell

2... 2! is the upcoming second studio album from Neon and the Argie Bees, after 2024's The Thirst Tides.

The album completely focuses on the theme of the number "two" and things related to the idea of it, with song titles like "To Too" (two homonyms of two), and "In Duet" (of course, sung by two singers). In addition, there is a song called "Repeat" which repeats itself later in the album via the track "Repeat (Reprise)", and a song which is supposedly a sequel to the track "The First Tides", from the previous album, titled "The Second Tides".




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1."To Too"Genre: Choral Symphony 
2."Double Take" (Take 2)Genre: Punk Rock 
3."In Duet"Genre: Chamber Pop 
4."Twice Upon a Time"Genre: Baroque Pop 
5."Into the Bifocal Lens"Genre: Progressive House 
6."Three's a Crowd"Genre: Electro Swing 
7."Parallel Lines"Genre: Minimal Music 
8."Second Wind"Genre: New Age 
9."Echoes (Echoes)"Genre: Rock & Roll 
10."Pair-a-dise"Genre: Country Rap / Trap 
11."Fork in the Road"Genre: Dance Pop / Reggae 
12."Repeat"Genre: Symphonic Metal 
13."Doppelgänger in a Mirror World"Genre: Brostep / Dubstep 
14."The Dynamic Duo"Genre: Chiptune / Bitpop 
15."The Second Tides"Genre: Surf Rock 
16."Repeat (Reprise)"Genre: Symphonic Metal / Classical 
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Fishal Project Records Digital download NW-S24FPR02

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