In Waves

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"In Waves"
Song by Neon and the Argie Bees
from the album The Thirst Tides
StudioStudio RGB-Newt
  • House
  • Drum 'n' Bass
LabelFishal Project Records
Composer(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Producer(s)The Fishal Project
The Thirst Tides track listing

"In Waves" is a House / Drum 'n' Bass song by the Australian virtual band Neon and the Argie Bees from their upcoming debut album The Thirst Tides.




Album artwork


Music video

The music video is set to feature NeonWabbit OC Ceil as The Irate Pirate.


Track listing

Music composed and arranged by Darien Brice Dickinson.

Digital download
1."In Waves"Genre: House / Drum 'n' Bass2:39
2."In Waves" (Ambient version)Genre: AmbientTBA
3."In Waves" (Instrumental)Genre: House / Drum 'n' Bass2:39


Release history

Promo release

Region Date Label Format Catalog No.
Worldwide TBA Fishal Project Records Digital download TBA


Album version

Appears on:


Appears on:

  • "In Waves" (promo release)

Ambient version

Appears on:

  • "In Waves" (promo release)


(Pirates, captain! Look out!)

Evening govern'r!
I'm The Irate Pirate!
And these are my pieces of eight!

Pieces of eight, pieces of eight!
I rate, I rate them eight out of eight!
Sailing the waves to treasure,
I thought I was late,
But! I found them intact, oh what fate!

Me treasure, me money, my pieces of eight!

( is that all?)
(Did you moor your ship to ours just to share a tale that tall?)

Are you not enthralled?
They're my pieces of eight, and I only have eight,
Count them, count them, count them, me mate!

One, two, three, four,
then do that once more!
If you don't humour me,
your lives are at stake

(Hey, wait a minute, these are fake!)

(Let it be known that on this date
The one who was known as The Irate Pirate fell for a jape.
Embarrassed, he walked his own plank,
and in waves, in waves, he sank.)


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