Adrift at Sea

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"Adrift at Sea"
Single by Neon and the Argie Bees
from the album The Thirst Tides
B-side"Anchored at Bay"
StudioStudio RGB-Newt
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
LabelFishal Project Records
Composer(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Producer(s)The Fishal Project
The Thirst Tides track listing

"Adrift at Sea" is an Ambient / Electronic song by the Australian virtual band Neon and the Argie Bees from their upcoming debut album The Thirst Tides.




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Music composed and arranged by Darien Brice Dickinson.

Digital download
1."Adrift at Sea"Genre: Ambient / Electronic5:26
2."Anchored at Bay" (B-side)Genre: Bossa NovaTBA
3."Adrift at Sea" (Instrumental)Genre: Ambient / Electronic5:26


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Worldwide TBA Fishal Project Records Digital download TBA


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Appears on:

  • "Adrift at Sea" (single release)


(Oh hello! You're back already?)
(Didn't we just say goodbye?)
(Alright, from the top.)


In a world of endless blue,  
Of nothing but ocean and the sky,  
A lone vessel ends its tune,
Carrying a soul questioning 'why'.

Time lost meaning,
Days became a haze,
No more screaming,
Water's mystery ways,
No land in sight, just expanse,
A realm of whispers, silence, entrance; 
Thoughts flowed like the currents below,
Revealing truths only sea can know

Endless, endless, endless blue
in every shade, in every hue,
Adrift, amidst this boundless drift,
Towards my death, towards the rift,

Here I float, in the ocean's heart,
A speck, but I guess still a part
Of the race I'm soon to depart,
Wishing this voyage never had a start!

With hands that tremble, yes, he wrote
A final message on a note
In a bottle, he set it free,
He cast it out, adrift at sea

And the first tides soon consumed him...


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