Put Down Your Pickaxe

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"Put Down Your Pickaxe" (2017 Demo version / 2019 Epic version)
Album cover art by NeonWabbit,
featuring Aurora Australis' original beta design
Single by Neon and the Argie Bees
PublishedMarch 18, 2018
ReleasedNovember 3, 2023 (2023-11-03)
StudioStudio RGB-Newt
  • Country
  • Folk
LabelFishal Project Records
Composer(s)Darien Brice Dickinson
Producer(s)The Fishal Project
Neon and the Argie Bees singles chronology
"—" "Put Down Your Pickaxe" (2017 Demo version / 2019 Epic version) "—"
Neon and the Argie Bees EP chronology
Music from The Aussie Goldmine's Original Pitch Pilot

"Put Down Your Pickaxe" (2017 Demo version / 2019 Epic version), also released as the EP "Music from The Aussie Goldmine's Original Pitch Pilot", is a single by Neon and the Argie Bees comprising of two versions of the same song, one being a remaster of a 2017 instrumental originally uploaded to the internet on March 18, 2018 in an unlisted YouTube video as the stand-in "Ending Credits" theme for the original pitch pilot of The Aussie Goldmine's cancelled 2017 animated series, and the other being a more orchestral version of that theme, which was made in 2019.

It was officially released worldwide on November 3, 2023, as a digital download and on streaming services, such as Spotify, via Distrokid. Its genre is classified as Country/Folk/Classical wherever the Soundtrack genre is not able to be applied, as it is not part of a larger soundtrack album.


Sometime in 2017, the demo track was put together in the DAW software LMMS using high-quality MIDI soundfonts.

In March 2018, when a test render of the end credits for a version of The Aussie Goldmine's animated series pitch pilot required some music, this track was used, and named, for the first time.


2017 Demo version

The track features an acoustic guitar playing over a deep growling bass, clapping, and twinkling percussion noises reminiscent of both metal ores being mined by someone constantly striking a rock with a pickaxe and an old cash register providing a payout.

2019 Epic version

The "Epic" version takes a more orchestral, medieval, and even disconcerting approach, slightly going off-key during the middle, and also ending with a sustained organ note and deep, rumbling choir going "ooh" and "ahh".


Album artwork

The album artwork was adapted from a poster by NeonWabbit advertising the original 2017 pitch pilot of a potential animated series for The Aussie Goldmine. It features Aurora Australis in her original beta design, before the character was redesigned by Kappapeachie, holding a pickaxe in front of the sun shining down on the fictional Queensland Rock, a potential home base location for The Aussie Goldmine, which houses a large green and gold crystal.


The single was released on November 3, 2023, and was only meant to contain the 2017 Demo version, but had to be reuploaded with the 2019 Epic version to comply with streaming service song length requirements. On many streaming services, it still retains a release date of March 18, 2018, as that is when the 2017 demo was first uploaded to the internet, despite the inclusion of the 2019 Epic version to pad it out.


Track listing

Music composed and arranged by Darien Brice Dickinson.

Digital download
1."Put Down Your Pickaxe" (2017 Demo version / 2019 Epic version)1:15
Extended play
1."Put Down Your Pickaxe" (2017 Demo version)0:41
2."Put Down Your Pickaxe" (2019 Epic version)0:34


Release history

Region Date Label Format Catalog No.
18 March 2018 /
3 November 2023
Fishal Project Records Digital download NW-S17FPR01

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