Album of Celestial Abandon

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Album of Celestial Abandon
Studio album by
StudioStudio RGB-Newt
  • Classical
  • World
LabelFishal Project Records

Album of Celestial Abandon is a potential studio album by Neon and the Argie Bees. Its release timeline remains uncertain due to a current indefinite hiatus on the project. Based on the OG RU/AU of characters created by The-F0X. Currently unreleased, it is an experimental mixture of classical and world music compiled into a "rock opera"-like musical concept album that serves as an unofficial interpretation of events inspired by the lore of that universe.

The first half of the album mainly focuses on Yin and Yang and the war of the dragons, while the latter half performs a timeskip to the main events of the RU, hundreds of years in the future: first to focus on Kari, Sketch, and the messengers, then even further in time to House Abaddon, where the AU mostly takes place. A bonus, final track on the album wraps up the story from the first half.

The album is to be made available for free, as it is fanart centred around characters not owned by NeonWabbit.




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Track listing

All tracks composed and arranged by Darien Brice Dickinson.

Original lyrics and narration written and performed by Darien Brice Dickinson.

1."Welcome Yin, Welcome Yang" 1:58
2."The Two Would Spin in Circles All Day" 3:18
3."Rei Begins to Suspect Yin Might Be Evil" 1:01
4."YIN IS EVIL!" 1:51
5."Yang Confronts Yin" 3:01
6."The Fault Amongst the Stars" 4:30
7."But I Thought We Were Friends" 5:21
8."The Gift of a Dragon's Love" 1:25
9."Queen Yin Summons Her Dark Army" 0:49
10."Thus Come Marching Yin" 1:12
11."A Hundred Tears Later" 3:02
12."Our Secret Place" 1:27
13."There Will Always Be Darkness Where There Is Light" 2:08
14."The Seperation of Twins" 2:48
15."Flight of the Messengers" 2:25
16."Spirit Plane" 5:27
17."Poem for the Poet" 3:32
18."Carin's Nocturne" 3:16
19."The Induction Ceremony" 5:13
20."Celestial Abandon" 3:01
21."Vale Yin, Vale Yang" (or "Harmony at Last")Bonus Track1:41



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