Redgreen OS

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Redgreen OS
DeveloperStudio RGB-Newt
OS familyLinux (Unix-like)
Working stateCurrent
Source modelSource-available
Marketing target
  • Game/software developers
  • Multimedia enthusiasts
Update methodAPT, GNOME Software, Software Updater, PackageKit
Package managerdpkg (APT), Flatpak, GNOME Software
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux kernel)
user interface
Budgie, Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE Plasma, LXQt, MATE, Unity, XFCE
LicenseFree software + proprietary drivers, firmware

Redgreen OS is a customized personal Linux distribution developed by Studio RGB-Newt, based on the Linux from Scratch (LFS) project, mostly as a quick way to fire up a new PC with NeonWabbit's favourite software and settings on the go (usually from a Live USB stick). The tailored selection of packages, system configurations, and optimizations cater to the needs of someone who instantly wants to create animation, art, music, video games, and other media content without further setup. The distro is not intended for widespread use, but rather serves as a hobbyist example of the flexibility and customization capabilities inherent in the open-source nature of Linux.

With support for nearly every Linux desktop environment, Redgreen OS includes creative media productivity applications like Blender, tools to view the outputs of said software like VLC media player, and software for leisure such as Steam. The distribution is regularly updated to maintain compatibility with upstream software and security updates, ensuring the system remains reliable and secure. It is considered "source-available" only, as it is mostly built from readily-available source code which is not modified in any way, and the remaining original material (i.e. included wallpapers) are proprietary. Thus, for now, Redgreen OS currently does not have its own code repo, and remains as an internal project for Studio RGB-Newt team members only.

In fictional productions, such as Nyah Has an Adventure, most computers are shown to be running some version of Redgreen OS, or a version of the Gentoo Linux distribution rebranded in areas to look like Redgreen OS. This is done by taking screenshots and recordings of a virtual machine running these distros, with the user profile, desktop wallpaper, and installed software set accordingly.



NeonWabbit was toying with the idea of creating his own Linux distro since the early 2010s, when he was experimenting with having Ubuntu as his main operating system. Over 10 years later, in 2023, after finally understanding how to parse through the LFS (Linux from Scratch) development book, he set to creating an LFS and BLFS system using a host laptop running Kubuntu. The completion of this LFS/BLFS system finally spawned Redgreen OS.

The NeonWabbit character Newfolde was later chosen as the mascot for this project due to their red-green colour scheme.


Redgreen OS features nearly every package listed in both the LFS and BLFS books, which includes general purpose software, libraries, utilities, and multiple desktop environments.



Command-line interface (CLI) and X.ORG

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