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"Enter: Nyah"
Nyah Has an Adventure episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 1
Directed byDarien Brice Dickinson
Written byDarien Brice Dickinson
Based onThe character Nyah,
a mistake designed
by Jordyn-Rae Morrison
Produced byJordyn-Rae Morrison
Cinematography byDarien Brice Dickinson
Editing byDarien Brice Dickinson
Production codeNW-A18NHA01
Running time22 minutes
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"Life of an Aquabirb"
Nyah Has an Adventure (season 1)
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"Enter: Nyah" is the pilot episode of the animated webseries Nyah Has an Adventure. It is currently unreleased, though voice acting has been recorded, and the episode's animatic is complete. The episode follows the titular character Nyah from the time she is discovered by the government, to some point in 2017 where her new friends attempt to learn more about her, much to her dismay.

The episode was written and directed by Darien Brice Dickinson, and has two versions: One where the characters are voiced by mostly temporary voice actors, and a second version where the pacing of the episode has been slightly adjusted, and more professional voice actors are used.


In a rainforest at night, a young girl named Samantha sits atop a metal bridge with her backpack, wiping away tears. She takes a container filled with a purple gelatinous liquid and eggs out of the bag. In a flashback, Samantha receives the container from a silhouetted stranger at her father's gravesite, who tells her to protect it at all costs, as that's what her father would've wanted. In another flashback scene, further into the future, Samantha's mother, Miss Farewell, inspects the container and realizes the significance of the eggs. She tries to take the container to destroy it at her late husband's military base, but Samantha refuses to let her, and runs off with the container. Miss Farewell, who is in a wheelchair, struggles to catch up with Samantha as she runs off with the container. Back at the rainforest bridge, Samantha opens the container and releases its contents into the water below. A blinding light appears behind her, and as she turns around, something pushes her, causing her to fall into the rapids.

A few years later, Nyah, a being that resembles an "aquabirb" creature, fishes for food beneath the same bridge. She has Samantha's backpack with her. As she sits down to eat her catch, an arrow suddenly pierces her head, causing her to scream in pain. Campers in the forest hear her scream and approach Nyah, shocked at the sight before them. One girl is concerned for her safety, while another one of them begins recording Nyah on their smartphone instead of calling emergency services, much to the annoyance of his camper friends. Suddenly, a junior special agent dog creature, Arph, and his higher-up, a human military officer, arrive at the scene. The military officer warns the campers about the potential dangers of touching Nyah, mentioning the possibility of her being a parasite instead of a creature. To determine Nyah's species, the officer pulls out a DNA scanning device, reminding the campers that associating with parasites is illegal, and as noted by Arph, punishable by death. The military officer informs the crowd that if Nyah is a legal creature, everyone will be free to go, but if not, they will all immediately receive the death penalty. The officer then tries to use the DNA scanning device on Nyah, but she panics and knocks it into the river rapids. Arph suggests that such actions should also be punishable by death, but the officer decides to make their lives easier by reporting to their superiors that Nyah is a legal creature, dismissing the crowd.

Years later, in a waiting room at a government facility, Nyah sits across from Lone, who notices a missing person poster of Samantha Farewell. Lone suggests that Nyah might be the missing girl, causing Nyah to become defensive and threaten him. The tension is broken by a buzzer sounding. Nyah and Lone are announced as the day's graduates and are directed to the nearby job center. Nyah carries Lone, who is still stunned from their confrontation. At the job center, Lone acts as Nyah's interpreter since she can't speak human. The employer is initially confused about their purpose for being there, and then questions how Lone will even manage a job without hands. Lone easily picks up a pencil with his prehensile flippers and does tricks with it, but the employer ignores him. The employer informs Nyah that she has been assigned to be the owner and chef of an abandoned sushi restaurant nearby. Lone, desperate for a job, insists that he is qualified and has a degree. The employer suggests that Lone simply remain as Nyah's interpreter and sends them on their way, closing his booth. As the employer accidentally injures his only hand on the roller door as it closes, blood flows from under the shutter and the lights flicker. Lone, frustrated with the lack of a proper job, leaves with Nyah as an ambulance arrives.

They reach the aforementioned sushi restaurant where they meet up with Arph, who is now a simple errand boy after being demoted. He hands them the keys to the restaurant, and Lone begins to have a conversation with Arph (revealed to be one of Lone's childhood friends), who mentions that he got demoted partly because of Nyah breaking the one-of-a-kind DNA scanning device years ago. They discuss their other friend Skye, who has been missing for years, and Lone brings up Arph's catchphrase "ignorance is bliss". Arph shows Nyah, Lone, and himself around the sushi restaurant, the dining area, and a barren penthouse with only a single couch. Arph offers to let Nyah and Lone temporarily stay at his place instead whilst they work on decking their place out with furniture, as it has a guest room with a king-sized bed. Nyah is hesitant, but Lone reassures Nyah they can trust him since he works for the government. Nyah pouts, and pretends to sleep on the couch, but it breaks, so they decide to have that sleepover at Arph's place.

At Arph's house, they see his neighbours Mira and Fret, goat creature twins, packing up musical equipment into a moving van. Mira explains that Fret suddenly wants to move in with his girlfriend Bele and their daughter Beth. Arph, who thought Mira and Fret were a couple, questioning Mira about the "banging" noises he's heard at their house, and she covers it up, saying they were practicing on their drum kit. However, Arph points out that Bele is the only drummer in their band, leaving Mira in an awkward position. Fret rushes up and tries to clarify that he and Mira are not in an relationship, but Lone reminds him that he and Mira are siblings. Fret, in a rush, and with no response to that, awkwardly backs away and gets into the van, which drives off quickly, accidentally dropping drums from the back. Inside Arph's house, Lone wonders if he could get a job in the media industry by discussing Mira and Fret's potential secret relationship. Arph advises against making enemies, and they agree that it's not okay to talk about people behind their backs. The next morning, Lone wakes up in the guestroom to find Nyah's arms wrapped around him, prompting him to ask her to move them. Nyah simply hugs Lone tighter, much to his discomfort. At breakfast, Arph learns about the difficulties at the job center, and mentions to Lone that the job center itself is now hiring due to an accident. A car is seen arriving next door, indicating Arph's new neighbor has arrived. The gang go outside to greet them, but Arph is shocked by their identity.

Arph and Lone's missing childhood friend Skye is revealed to be the new neighbor. Arph questions Skye about her years-long disappearance and her lack of communication, but Skye just brushes it off and asks if they can just pretend she was never missing because she's here now. Lone agrees, but Arph is left feeling frustrated. Skye recognizes Lone and meets Nyah, claiming that Nyah's use of the word "nya" is offensive to cats. Skye then reveals she was just joking and that there are no forbidden words, which Lone tries out by happily launching into a tirade of swear words. Skye joins Lone, Nyah, and Arph in the dining room, filling a previously empty chair. Skye questions Nyah's origins, noting that her features don't match any recognizable animal ancestors. Nyah gets agitated by Skye's questions, and Lone tries to defuse the situation by distracting Nyah with a fish. Nyah returns to her bubbly self after eating the fish, and Lone and Arph sigh in relief. After a quick conference with Lone and Skye, Arph comes up with the idea that they all go to the library to support Lone while he sorts out his employment issue with the council ombudsman. At the library, Nyah gets distracted and goes to the DVD section where Miss Farewell is browsing. Skye and Arph express their intention here was to actually research Nyah's species, while Lone is still apprehensive about doing so, considering Nyah's reaction to the topic.

As Nyah approaches, Miss Farewell apologizes for shooting her with an arrow in the past and explains she was only blinded by rage while searching for her daughter Samantha. Miss Farewell shows Nyah the broken DNA scanning device that Nyah had destroyed earlier. Nyah aggressively takes the device and Miss Farewell leaves her be, leaving the library. Lone sees the device and decides to bring it to Arph and Skye, thinking it might be useful. In a private research room, Arph recognizes the device and reiterates that it identifies the species of whoever it's pointed at. Skye decides to fix the device, while Arph and Lone search for relevant books to help with their investigation. While Lone and Arph search for books, Skye uses her metallic tentacles to help fix the ancestry device. Lone inquires about Skye's augmentations, and she explains that she needed them after surviving a fire on her family's farm whilst growing up, stating she was flown to a hospital in Europe, where she was given experimental cyborg parts to replace the burn damage. The tentacles were a recent addition during her latest trip back to Europe. As Skye continues talking about the fire, Arph suggests she should stop as Nyah might be getting a little suspicious. When questioned how he would know that, Nyah is revealed to be right behind them.

Nyah reaches for the device, but Skye pulls it away. As the group struggles, the device comes to life, showing the result as "Parasite consisting of bird and fish DNA in human host body. Destroy at all costs." Skye drops the device, breaking it again, and Nyah stops struggling. Arph asks Skye what's wrong, concerned about her reaction. Skye urges the group to leave Nyah behind and forget about her, fearing the fatal consequences of associating with her after discovering her true nature. Arph hesitates, torn between following Skye and comforting Nyah. Lone dismisses the idea that Nyah is a parasite, doubting the broken device's accuracy. Arph explains that the military had classified Nyah as an aquabirb due to her resemblance to the mythical creature of that name and the lack of the device to confirm her true identity. Lone shares information from an encyclopedia about aquabirbs and parasites. He suggests that even if Nyah is a parasite, they can still claim she's an aquabirb to avoid suspicion. Arph agrees with Lone's idea, but Skye remains cautious and warns that she'll leave if things get dangerous. Arph asks Skye if the device provided any information about the specific fish and bird DNA in Nyah, but Skye says it didn't. Lone then proposes using a method inspired by a "Hitchhiking" series of books[note 1], pulling random letters from a "Scr*bble"[note 2] bag to reveal the answers they're looking for.

Skye apologizes to Nyah for causing her distress and invites her to join them in the activity. Nyah agrees and starts pulling tiles from the bag. The group is initially puzzled by the random presence of tiles displaying numbers instead of letters, but quickly spell the word "crow" with pulled letter tiles, concluding that it must be the bird species in Nyah's DNA. They get excited and continue to search for the fish species using this method. The group continues to decipher the Scr*bble tiles. They find the word "shark," which they believe represents the fish species in Nyah's DNA, given her sharp teeth. However, there are still more letters left, and Arph and Lone work together to rearrange them. They form a sentence not shown to the audience, but seems to suggest that Nyah is a hybrid of the two species, which makes her excited and amused. Skye, on the other hand, finds the idea disgusting and decides to leave the room. As she heads toward the library exit, she notices a librarian pushing a cart. She asks the librarian for a book on helping erase mental images from one's mind, but ultimately decides to knock herself out with it instead. Upstairs, Nyah, Lone, and Arph watch Skye as she knocks herself out with the book and fall to the floor. Arph comments, "I guess you could say ignorance is bliss!" This sets off laughter throughout the library, with people in various areas laughing at the situation, Lone, however, slowly stops laughing, as he realises he doesn't understand what's so funny, and looks around in confusion at the people around him who are continuing to laugh. The episode ends on him saying that he "doesn't get it".


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  1. A reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, specifically the ending of the BBC television series version.
  2. Scrabble brand name poorly censored as a reference to shows like Nichijou, and to avoid legal issues, but to still make it obvious what's being referenced.

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