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Flye 'n' Frie: Retro Remains Series (Homebrew for other retro platforms)

Other projects

Argie Bee Plays
Let's Play series, hosted by Vtuber Flye
Combat Practice 2
Video game (fighting)
Flye 'n' Frie: Classic Collection
Video game compilation
Nyah Has an Adventure
Animated series (drama/sitcom)
The Aussie Goldmine
Webcomic (modern science-fantasy dramedy)
The Thirst Tides
Studio album (multiple genres)
Tilt, Talk, 'n' Tap
Mobile game, Android (action/party)


Production Code matrix, a list of our projects, sortable by production code.
Surfman in the "NO" Race, a stick figure comic from 2004 (our first ever production), and its upcoming "20th Anniversary" animated remake.


Characters and species

Category:Characters, a list of our characters.
Frosteyls, Gravepines, and Styvers - generic fauna creatures found in some of our fictional universes, who usually become minions for bad guys.
Mink-mink harpies, a semi-closed species we own. One of our flagship characters, Frie, is one of these.

Concepts and locations

Lifeforce, a page on the metaphysical substance and energy source that provides vitality to most characters in some of our fictional universes.

People and groups

Neon and the Argie Bees, our in-house virtual band, who make the soundtracks to our productions and other original albums.
NeonWabbit, the founder of Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project.
The-F0X, an Australian artist and friend who has designed some of NeonWabbit's main characters.