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Vtuber Flye
NeonWabbit character
Vtuber Flye in an A-pose.
Vtuber Flye in their default pose; art by NeonWabbit
First appearance
Based onFlye
Adapted byDarien Brice Dickinson
Designed by
Portrayed byDarien Brice Dickinson
Motion captureDarien Brice Dickinson
In-universe information
Nickname"Flye Gaming"
SpeciesWingless kangaroo furred dragon

Vtuber Flye (also known by their nickname "Flye Gaming") is a character based on the original Flye character designed by artists Hioshiru and The-F0X, who is portrayed in Argie Bee Plays by series creator Darien Brice Dickinson.

Whilst sharing the same design as the regular Flye found in other Studio RGB-Newt / The Fishal Project productions, they are considered seperate characters due to the usage of Dickinson's voice instead of the regular voice actors used for Flye, and other canon details of Flye found in scripted entertainment not being applied to this iteration of the character, such as Vtuber Flye not having Frie as their partner (because Vtuber Flye is "too busy gaming").

To further seperate the two characters, Vtuber Flye is even set to play the video game Flye 'n' Frie on the 1000th episode of Argie Bee Plays, from a meta point-of-view where Vtuber Flye does not consider any part of the Flye character in the game to be representative of him.

Concept and creation

Vtuber Flye's Live2D model was made by Darien Brice Dickinson whilst following tutorials only by YouTube users YoshinoArt[1] and Cutie Dragon[2].


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